Where can I find "Band-Aid  Rings"

Here you can see a band-aid ring that was only worn for a short time before it was cast into 18k gold.

Band-Aid  Rings
How do you like the idea of having your band-aid ring cast into steel, silver or gold?
You, yourself decide how long you want to have the band-aid around your finger, showing the traces of being worn. The worn band-aid rings are then transformed and cast into steel, silver or gold.
To me, this theme takes a silent and very personal approach.

I call these band-aid rings a  “unique series” , due to the fact that although they are manufactured by an industrial casting technique – each ring is unique in itself and a one-of-a-kind jewelry item.
Wearing instructions:
You decide yourself how long you want to have the band-aid around your finger.
Caution: If you wear the band-aid ring for several hours or even days letting the ring get wet -  the ring size increases. The typical distinct woven structure of the band-aid gets lost. It changes…
If this doesn’t matter to you…you can twist and turn it to your heart’s delight!
Who so ever decides to do so…just go ahead!
Important: Please always let me know your actual ring size.
I recommend you wear a band-aid ring for actually only five to ten minutes – and without water contact. This will ensure that the natural structure of the band-aid surface will come out perfectly after being cast into the desired metal of your choice. 
Maybe somebody will notice the band-aid around your finger is actually a ring, while you go out shopping?
Kay Eppi Nölke
Pforzheim, 1995

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