Where can I find "For the solitaire orcoloured comets landing."

“Solitaires can be found everywhere.”

Rings, 18K gold, yellow and rose, sapphire blue and yellow

For the solitaire orcoloured comets landing.
Then as now, every thing and material is unique and can be brought into focus. I thematised the solitaire ring many years ago. I have been fascinated by the aesthetics of broken stones, graphite or gelatine ... .
A “solitary stone” claims the middle and stands for something very special.
Here I choose colourful, faceted juwels for this middle. My way of grasping highlight the individual character of the stone and reminds allegorically of the engagement ring as well jewelry rings with a found treasure.

 „Booklet Solitaire (german)“(Pdf, 2MB)

Photos: Franz-Josef Stiele-Werdermann

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