Where can I find "ImPressYourself"

“No pleasure is temporary,
for the impression it leaves behind is a lasting one.”
J. W. v. Goethe

Poppy seed capsule, impressed into wax, Au 750/- yellow gold & Ag 925/- sulferized silver, cast onto a
stainless steel ring.

Sometimes, we want to take a keepsake with us from a place that has emotionally touched us.
Such as, a seashell, a stone, a crown capsule of a flower or a fruit pit, an object we found in the woods,
or taking a walk through New York.
Such a keepsake then serves as a trace of a path we once walked in our life. These memories can now be eternalized in a ring – or as shared memories in rings for partners.
Each personal keepsake is first pressed into wax, then directly cast in silver or gold to the stainless steel rings.

The unique theme that is presented in the box is filled with wax items and four steel rings. The instruction for use is enclosed in the box.
There are also pre-created examples based on the DrückDich theme, created in silver featuring a number of specially selected motives.
DrückDich instructions
Did you bring a special and personal object with you?
Please, select a piece of wax and a stainless steel ring that fits you.
_Knead the wax between the palms of your hand to make it warm and soft.
_Press the soft wax onto the top of the ring.
_Moisturize the wax a bit and press your object …your keepsake…into the wax.
_Carefully raise your object from the wax.
You can repeat this several times or make several test impressions.
You can also, send me your object. I will guard it safely, and cast it onto the suitable stainless steel ring you select.
Kay Eppi Nölke
February 2011 in Constance

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