Where can I find "OrnamentRings"

The only place where man can find his rest is
in abstract recurring shapes,
amid all the confusion he has to face in this world.
Wilhelm Worringer, Psychologist, 1908

Ornament Ring - Muro floyendo (flowing wall)

An Ornament – has always been a challenging topic for me. I carried it inside for many years and always had a distant disposition towards ornaments. This is the result of my formal approach.
The typical stone walls in Mallorca, Spain, inspired me to design the Ornament Rings. In my eyes, it symbolizes open, transparent and flowing boundaries… and the infinite recurrence of things that pass by with a silent and mellow rhythm.Or, is it rather a simple décor, aligning its beautiful periodic appearance?
Here though, it is not an added decorative accessory. The Ornament Rings expresses itself as an ornament – totally. And it truly is! You can see for yourself and will be amazed with what you discover - perhaps you will be touched by a gentle Mediterranean breeze…
Material: Sterling silver, 18k gold (available in various colors), Steel.

Kay Eppi Nölke
Constance, January 2007

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