Where can I find "Grass  Rings"

When you were a child, do you remember, winding a grass blade around your finger?“

Grass  Rings
The concept of this work is the unique winding of a blade of grass and its materialization into metal – the grass imprint is burnt-out of the mould and cast.
You can choose from several different aesthetic designs:
I can even imagine, grass growing in galleries for customers to wind their own rings there or alternatively one can use any blade found on a meadow. If you would like to see your grass ring in gold – we can make it happen! ep

Here, I would like to add, that my grass rings are divided into two levels of production - the unique, one-of-a-kind ring and the serially processed ones.
For better business reasons, I selected grass rings wound by me, showing special shapes and details suited best for making a mould and for reproduction.
From my point of view, this concept seems to vanish into thin air.
The sales price beats the concept!
But with most people who are excited and even laugh happily about having a grass ring, the loss in quality does not seem to be of such importance – even though I explicitly point that out to them, every time.
Kay Eppi Nölke
Pforzheim, in August 1995
 „Useful information concerning the care of iron rings“(Pdf)

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