Where can I find jewelry from Kay Eppi Nölke

"My diamonds
are peoples' stories."
Eppi Nölke

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“The act of putting on jewelry or maybe better said,of decorating oneself, is a topic that has always fascinated me…“

When jewelry is worn on the body it becomes connected with your personality.
Jewelry as a medium, moreover, adornment in general, is so versatile – as people themselves.
So many different definitions can be found to be expressed in jewelry, just as each person has their own, personal, relationship to jewelry.
People who wear jewelry need and use jewelry for several different reasons.
It can remind you of the past. Sometimes you feel it protects you. It can also be a sign for prestige and status…it always turns into something very personal.
At times people notice and sometimes they don’t.
For me, creating jewelry starts with the everyday life of people.
What do people like to do? What is on their minds? What is significant to me?
I give myself my own assignments – this is where my creative process begins.
The materials I choose, the shapes, the techniques are all elements of a certain dynamics that pertains to each project, I eventually, choose to dive into, so to speak.
Lately, I am keen on finding solutions to visualize an idea that can be can be transformed into a unique piece in itself – and as a unique piece in a series.
I have named these jewelry pieces, “unique series”.
When you wear a ring - the result is a new story, your story.
I think, the value of “be-jewelling” yourself becomes evident.
Kay Eppi Nölke
P.S.: You will always find my sign stamped into my work.
I would like to add...
I enjoy making jewelry for people and I find it important to have contact with the people who wear my
rings - and to keep in touch with all my jewelry friends.

Yet, it is not always possible to answer every query personally. That is why I suggest that you search for
a gallery or a jewelry store nearest to you, which carries my work. I am sure you will gladly be shown a
selection and given the information you desire.
View the link at the top, on the left - which shows all the places that carry my work.
I thank you in advance for your understanding…
and welcome you now, to enjoy looking through the pages of this site.

Yours sincerely,
Kay Eppi Nölke

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